Company Profile

Our Philosophy

Golden key Pest Control is an industry leader in providing environmentally safe, reliable and superior services in order to protect our customer's health, food and property.

Golden key Pest Control is committed to total customer satisfaction, by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and performance.

Golden key value truth, integrity, training and education to ensure that we remain the leaders in our community and industry. We will continuously strive to produce the safest, most efficient technologies through innovation and ingenuity.

Our team:

All our personnel are fully trained and highly qualified through the department of agricultural, forestry and fishery to deliver a professional service to our customers. Each of our branches will be owned and managed by a dedicated individual committed to delivering a professional service to their communities.

Our mission:

The mission of Golden key Pest Control is to always deliver a high quality service with excellent and trusted products that will provide real value for money to our customers. We are attuned to our customer's needs and are willing to go out of our way to protect our environment.

Our Brand Name:

Our brand name "Golden key Pest Control" implies that we are in a class of our own and that we keep the Golden key to Pest controlling. All the chemicals that we use carry the SABS mark and are registered with the department of agriculture. (Act 36 of 1947)

Our Services specialties:

  • Rodent Control.
  • Insect Control.
  • Nuisance Pest Control.
  • Termite Control.
  • Lawn Care.
  • Fumigation.
  • IPM program, compliant with HACCP.
  • General and Garden Maintenance